How to make an after-tax personal contribution through your employer

There are three ways you can make an after-tax personal contribution to your super:

In this section we’ll look at how to do this through your payroll department.

1. Figure out your personal contributions

We recommend you read the information below to check that making after-tax personal contributions is the right option for you:

2. Work out how much you would like to contribute

Before you complete the form, you need to know how much you’d like to contribute to your super through your pay. You can choose any amount that suits you.

If you’re not sure how much to contribute, try our Retirement planning calculator.

3. Download the form

First, download this Payroll deduction form. You can’t type directly into the form so you’ll need to print out the form. You can use the payroll deduction form for both salary sacrifice contributions and after-tax contributions.

The form has five steps.

4. Provide your personal details

Payroll deduction form - your details

These details include your name, date of birth, and your payroll number if you know it. This will make it easier for your payroll department to process your request.

5. Enter the amount you would like to contribute

Payroll deduction form - contribution amount

In this section, write the amount you would like to contribute from each pay. You need to enter any dollar amount or the percentage of your pay that you would like to contribute in the bottom boxes for after-tax personal contributions.

Again, if you’re not sure how much to contribute, try our Retirement planning calculator.

6. Check that you’re eligible to make contributions

Payroll deduction form - eligibility

You can only contribute extra to your super if you’re under the age of 65. If you’re between 65 and 75, you must have worked at least 40 hours in a period of 30 days in the current financial year, or if you are exempt from the work test.

7. Confirm your super account

Payroll deduction form - nominate your account

In this step, you need to select GESB Super or West State Super depending on which account you have. If you’re not sure which account you have, check your last member statement or login to Member Online.

If you’re a Gold State Super member and don’t already have a GESB Super or West State Super account, we’ll automatically open a GESB Super account for you.

8. Read and sign the declaration

Payroll deduction form - declaration and signature

When you sign the form, you’ll need to acknowledge that you understand the conditions that apply to your super account. All of this information is included in the Contributing to your super brochure.

9. Give the form to your employer’s payroll department

Now that you’ve completed and signed the payroll deduction form, you need to lodge the form with your payroll department.

We can’t process these contributions as they are taken out of your pay before it gets paid to you. So you will need to hand the form to your employer to process your payroll deductions.

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Page last updated 01 July 2019