How to combine your super

You can combine your other super accounts into the account you hold with us by providing the details online or by completing a printed form.

Using Member Online is the quickest way. Visit the Member Online help guide for step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

If you’d prefer to complete the printed form, keep reading for the steps you need to take.

1. Understand your options

Combining your super into one account makes it easier to keep track of your retirement savings and only look after one set of paperwork. Before you decide to combine everything, it’s important to find out what will happen to your entitlements from your other fund or funds.

Some key points to consider:

  • Fees - we don’t charge a fee to consolidate your super, but you should contact your other fund to find out if they charge any fees, such as withdrawal, administration or exit fees
  • Death and disability benefits - if you choose to leave your current fund, you may lose any insurance benefits you have with them. Find out more about our insurance cover
  • Future contributions - consolidating your super won’t change which fund your employer pays your super contributions to. If you’re now working in the private sector, your employer can’t make contributions to the account you hold with us

2. Download the form

First, click this link to download a Super consolidation form. You can type your details directly into the form, and then print out the form to provide your signature.

3. Provide your personal details

These details include your GESB member number, name, date of birth, address, email address and daytime phone number.

This image shows the ‘Step 1 - Your GESB details’ section of the Super consolidation form. In this section, you need to provide your GESB member number, account type (West State Super or GESB Super) and personal details, including your surname, given names, date of birth, telephone number, address, and your email address. We also ask you to provide your tax file number (TFN).

We also ask for your tax file number (TFN). You don’t have to provide your TFN, but if you don’t, you will need to provide certified proof of identity, which means this process may take longer.

4. Enter your other fund details

In this section, write the name, address and Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) for the other fund. You’ll also need to write your account number.

This image shows part 1 of the ‘Step 2 - Your other fund’s details’ section of the Super consolidation form. In this section, you need to provide your other funds name, address and Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI).

You need to decide if you want to transfer the entire amount (effectively closing your other account), or if you want to roll over a specific amount.

This image shows part 2 of the ‘Step 2 - Your other fund’s details’ section of the Super consolidation form. In this section, you need to provide your membership number at your other fund, and tick whether you would like to rollover the entire amount or specific amount and the enter the approximate value.

If you choose the top box, we ask you to include the approximate value of your other account here.

If you tick the bottom box, you just need to choose the amount you’d like to roll into your GESB account.

5. Read and sign the declaration

This image shows the ‘Step 3 – Declaration, authorisation and signature’ section of the Super consolidation form. In this section, you need to confirm that you have read the ‘Consolidating your super’ fact sheet and ‘Providing your tax file number (TFN)’ section and confirm that the information provided on the form is true and correct. You also must agree to the conditions specified. These are: 1. I am aware that I can ask GESB or my former fund for information about any fees or charges that may apply, or any other information about the effect this transfer may have on my benefits and/or insurance coverage, and do not require any further information. 2. I am aware that if I have not provided my TFN to my former fund before I consolidate my super, I may have to pay more tax on my benefit that necessary. 3. I discharge the super provider of my former fund of all further liability in respect of the benefits paid and transferred to GESB. 4. I understand that the benefit will be allocated to my GESB account and invested in line with my existing investment plan or default investment plan if I have not nominated a plan. 5. I request and consent to the transfer of super as described above and authorise the super provider of each fund to give effect to this transfer. 6. I understand that in certain cases, GESB may be required by law to deduct tax from any untaxed portion of my transferred benefits. You need to then sign and date your completed form.

When you sign the form, you’ll need to acknowledge that you have read the Consolidating your super fact sheet. You confirm that you can ask both us and your other fund about fees, and that by asking for your super to be transferred to us that the other fund no longer has an obligation to you for that amount.

You also acknowledge that in certain cases we may need to deduct tax from any untaxed portion of your transferred benefits.

The super you roll into your GESB Super or West State Super account will be invested into your choice of investment plan or our default Readymade investment plan if you haven’t made a choice.

6. Send the form to us

Now that you’ve completed and signed the 'Super consolidation' form, you need to send your completed form (and certified proof of identity if you haven’t supplied your TFN) to us at:

PO Box J 755
Perth WA 6842

Australia Post can take up to six business days to deliver regular mail. Please take this into account when submitting forms to us, especially when you need to meet a processing deadline.

Page last updated 24 May 2021