How can I roll in super from other funds?

To roll your super from other funds into your GESB account, select 'roll in other super' on the drop down menu in Member Online

Roll in other super tab

Screenshot showing where to find the roll in other super in the navigation

Click the 'roll in other super' button.

If we don't have a valid tax file number (TFN) for you, we'll need you to give it to us first. You can do this by clicking the 'add your TFN' button and following the prompts.

Add your tax file number

Screenshot showing what the page will look like if we have no TFN on file

Once you have added your tax file number you can roll in other super

Screenshot showing the roll in page content with action button

Step 1:  find the super fund

First you need to find the super fund you are rolling into your GESB account. Type the name, or part of the name, of the super fund in the search box and click 'search'.

Please note, you can also search using the ABN number of your other super fund.

Search for your other fund

Screenshot showing search field where you enter the name of your other fund

If you're transferring funds from a Self-Managed Super Fund, please download and complete a 'Rollover Benefits Statement' from the ATO. Send this form to us at:
PO Box J 755
Perth WA 6842

Then scroll down and find your fund in the list. Click your fund name to select it.

Select your other fund

Screenshot shows list of funds that comes up so you can select the relevant fund

Scroll down. You can see that your fund details are prefilled for you.

Next, type in your account or member number for that fund. You may be able to find this on statements or letters from the fund.

Then, select the amount you want to transfer into your GESB account. You can choose to roll over the whole balance (this is the default option, already selected for you) or a partial amount. If you select partial amount you need to fill in the amount you want to roll over in dollars. 

Then, click 'continue' at the bottom.

Enter your member number, select your transfer amount and click 'continue'

Screenshot showing the fields that you'll need to complete your account details with the other fund

If you select partial amount you need to fill in the amount you want to roll over in dollars

Screenshot showing you need to select either a whole balance transfer or a partial transfer

Step 2: check the summary table

Check the summary of the roll over to make sure it is correct. 

If you want to roll over money from more than one fund, click the 'transfer from another account' link. This will take you to Step 1, to add another fund.

If you're happy with the roll over information, read and tick the 'member declaration'. 

Then, click 'submit'.

Check and confirm your roll in request

Screenshot showing a summary of your request(s) and the declaration you'll need to accept

Step 3: your confirmation

Your rollover request is complete and has been submitted.

Your roll in is confirmed

Screenshot now shows details of what you've submitted

You can go back to the 'roll in other super' page to see your current roll in requests. They are listed in a table. The request status column tells you where the request is at a particular time during the process. 

Your current roll in requests

Screenshot now shows a summary of the request you've submitted

Page last updated 22 January 2018