Service fees

1 July 2017

Service fees apply for our Retirement Options Service, and for certain transactions such as Family Law splitting and full and partial withdrawals.

You will only be charged a fee when you use one of these services. This helps to ensure fairness across our membership in relation to fees.

Our service fees are indexed on 1 July each year

Our service fees are usually calculated in March for the next financial year. We will update this page with the new fees when they are available. Read about how we calculate our service fees.

Our service fees

Service fees
Type of fee Fee effective 1 July 2017 for the 2017/18 financial year1 Fee effective 1 July 2018 for the 2018/19 financial year1 How and when paid
Advice fee - Retirement Options $469 $475 To be paid before your Retirement Options Service appointment.

You can either:
1. Authorise us to deduct the fee directly from your eligible super or retirement income account2 by providing a completed Authority to deduct form
2. Pay the fee directly from your nominated cheque or savings account or by credit or debit card

If you have an appointment together with another GESB member (e.g. your partner), where both accounts will be discussed, you will be given a double appointment and will each be charged an individual fee (the total fee amount can’t be paid out of one member’s account).

If you have an appointment and bring someone with you who is not a GESB member (e.g. your partner), only a single session will be arranged, and one fee charged (as this service is not available to non-members).
Exit fee - full or partial withdrawals $52 $52 Deducted from your account for each full or partial withdrawal from your GESB Super, West State Super, Retirement Income Pension3 or RI Term Allocated Pension3,4 account. This includes when your benefit is transferred to another product or fund, spouse contribution splits, or the processing of an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) release authority5.
Establishment fee - Retirement Income Pension $52 $52 Deducted from each new Retirement Income Pension account, once the new account has been created.
Activity fee - Family Law fee $52 $52 Deducted from your account when your GESB Super, West State Super, Retirement Income Pension or RI Term Allocated Pension4 benefit is split or paid in full to your spouse.

How we calculate our service fees

The index, or percentage increase, is based on the annual change in the Consumer Price Index, All Groups, Perth (CPI)6 and the change in the Wage Price Index (WPI)each December, with a 50% allocation to each measure.

Here's an example to illustrate how we calculate the index amount each year. We've used actual figures for the 2018/19 financial year in this example.

Step 1 - we work out the index

The table below shows that the CPI increased 0.8% and the WPI increased 1.5% from December 2016 to December 2017. A 50% allocation of each figure gives an index amount of 1.2%. This means that the service fees will be indexed by 1.2% from 1 July 2018.

Example of changes in indexation
Financial year Previous year Current year Change % Previous year Current year Change % Fee index
2015/16 104.9 107.0 2.0% 119.5 122.3 2.0%2.0%
2016/17 107.0 108.6 1.5% 122.3 124.5 1.5%1.5%
2017/18 108.6 109.0 0.4% 124.5 126.2 1.2%0.8%
2018/19 109.0 109.1 0.8% 126.2 128.1 1.5%1.2%

Step 2 - we apply the index to the fees

The table below shows the service fees after applying the 1.2% index and rounding down to the nearest dollar. The fees shown in the far right-hand column are effective from 1 July 2018 for the 2018/19 financial year.

Example of indexation changes to service fees
Type of Fee Fee amount before index Fee amount after 1.2% index, rounded down to the nearest dollar
Exit fee $52 $52
Activity fee - Family Law fee $52 $52
Establishment fee - Retirement Income Pension $52 $52

Where to get more information and help

Any service fee charged to you will be shown in your member statement and your transaction history in Member Online.

For details of other fees and costs that relate to your account, please refer to the relevant Product Information Booklet.

Our Retirement Options Service can help with your super and retirement plans. As a member, you can make the most of our range of tools and resources available to you right now:

1 The fees in the table are subject to annual indexation, which will be applied on 1 July each year.
2 GESB Super, West State Super, Retirement Income Pension and RI Term Allocated Pension are eligible accounts.
3 Regular income payments from a Retirement Income Pension or RI Term Allocated Pension do not attract this fee. However, the fee applies for each lump-sum withdrawal or rollover from a Retirement Income Pension or RI Term Allocated Pension.
4 RI Term Allocated Pension is a retirement income product that was closed to new members in 2007.
5 A release authority is a document given by the ATO to an individual or their super fund, which authorises the super fund to refund excess contributions or pay additional tax associated with excess contributions you have made to a super fund. Please visit for more information.
6 Consumer Price Index, All Groups Perth and Wage Price Index are sourced from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Page last updated 28 September 2018