How we’re helping to build WA’s future workforce

Our school-based trainee, Hser Gay, working on a laptop.

You probably know of our mission to help our GESB members with their super as they prepare for and move through retirement. We're also working towards developing the future workforce of WA.

Through our partnerships with various organisations, we've been introduced to a number of talented young people, such as Ben Latham. He completed work experience with us through Good Sammy Options in 2018 and is now a permanent and valued member of our team.

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In February this year, we welcomed Hser Gay Byit (whose first name is pronounced 'Ser-gay') to GESB.

Hser Gay is a Year 11 student at Dianella Secondary College and has joined us an 18-month school-based traineeship which is run by the WA Public Sector Commission (PSC).

This traineeship allows students such as Hser Gay to get valuable experience through paid employment, while completing a Certificate II in Government.

Like many other students starting Year 11, Hser Gay didn’t know what she wanted to do after completing her studies. With the support of her Vocational Education and Training teacher, Hser Gay applied for and accepted a traineeship working two days a week with GESB.

'I wanted to do a traineeship because it’s such a huge opportunity for us young adults given the chance to work for a government department,’ she said. ‘From my perspective I think it lets us experience the responsibilities we need to carry out as we’re getting older. The traineeship gives me a head start of stepping into the real world of being an adult.'

How the program develops skills, knowledge and confidence

During the traineeship, Hser Gay has developed her skills in public administration through tasks such as producing correspondence, proof-reading and formatting documents, and helping move our paper files online.

Hser Gay has been based in our People and Business Services Division but has also worked across different departments – including record keeping, IT, information security, communications and member services.

The traineeship has helped Hser Gay to not only learn how a government super fund works, but become more confident, develop her interpersonal skills and prepare for the responsibilities of being an adult.

Our Senior Manager, People and Business Services, Gus Dhillon, helping Hser Gay.

'I wouldn't be where I am without the support of family members, friends and staff from GESB. Everyone is so polite and respectful. When I first came in everyone made me feel welcomed. To see how everyone works at GESB motivates me because the staff are so hardworking and focused. They have inspired me to become a better version of myself.'

Hser Gay now plans to pursue her interest in IT support and will be able to apply to entry-level roles in the WA Public Sector after completing her traineeship.

'Young people bring new ideas to improve the way we do things'

Our Senior Manager, People and Business Services, Gus Dhillon, acknowledged that the program has been valuable and a great learning opportunity for GESB. 'Young people bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to improve the way we do things,' said Gus. 'They also give our staff the opportunity to develop their leadership skills.'

'We're proud to support an initiative that creates employment opportunities for young people, while developing a diverse and capable workforce for the future of WA.'

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Page last updated 17 December 2020