We’ve improved your online statement summary - here’s how

29 September 2020

Last year, we introduced online statement summaries to give you a simple way to keep track of your account if you receive your statements electronically. These summaries were really well-received. This year, we’ve taken on board some feedback to make it even easier for you to use and see your account details at a glance.

Changes you’ll see in your statement summary

We’ve included some images below to show you some of the changes. Please note, all images are for visual purposes only and may look different from the personal information in your actual statement summary.

When you access your statement summary, it’s now easier to:

  • Print your statement summary
    Our surveys indicated that many of our members like to print their statement summaries – so we’ve made it easier to do. If you decide to print any part of your statement summary, simply click the print icon at the top of the page to generate a print-optimised version of that page.
  • Download your full statement
    Click the download icon on the homepage of your statement summary. The icon will take you take you to Member Online, where you can log in and download your statement from the Statements page.
  • Find more details about your account
    New action buttons on your statement summary homepage will help you to find more detailed information relating to your account, either in your statement summary or on another page of our website.
  • See a snapshot of your account
    When you view your GESB Super, West State Super or Retirement Income statement summary from a desktop computer, it’s now easier to see key details of your account at a glance. On the ‘Your account details’ page, you’ll see three charts to show your ‘money in’, ‘money out’ and ‘investment returns’ side-by-side. You can also click on each fee type to see a full explanation of the fees you paid.

Your account details page - GESB Super, West State Super & Retirement Income

This image shows an example of the ‘Your account balance’ page of your statement summary. Your balance as at 30 June is highlighted at the top of the page, with a breakdown of the total money in, total money out and investment returns for your account is provided in the table below. Next are three pie charts showing your money in, money out and investment returns side-by-side, with legends below each chart. Next are four boxes showing the fees you paid. The total fees are shown in the box on the far left, with the next three boxes showing your account keeping fee, administration fee and an estimate of indirect costs for your account. At the bottom of each box is an arrow, which you can click to expand for an explanation of each fee. At the end of the page is a chart showing you how your account balance has changed from previous years.

  • Learn more about your investment plan
    You can now see more details of your GESB Super, West State Super or Retirement Income investment plan in your statement summary. Look for an overview of your investment plan profile and returns for different time periods, and a graph to help you compare the performance of your plan with our other investment options.

Investment performance page – GESB Super, West State Super & Retirement Income

This image shows an example of the ‘Investment performance’ page of your statement summary. In the top left-hand corner are your investment plan returns as at 30 June, with a table below summarising the change in the number of units held and the value of your investment. On the right-hand side is a profile of your investment plan, including its risk level and growth and defensive asset split. Below this is a graph showing the growth of $10,000 invested in the same plan over ten years. In the centre of the page is a comparison of the performance of your investment plan with our other investment options for various time periods. At the bottom of the page is a chart showing the percentage of growth and defensive assets your plan is invested in.

  • Get an estimate of your retirement income
    If your statement summary includes a retirement income estimate, it’s now easier to see your annual income amount. You can also click the icon to open our Retirement planning calculator to further tailor your estimate, see the difference the Age Pension can make to your retirement income and explore your retirement options.

Your retirement income page – GESB Super & West State Super

This image shows an example of the ‘Your retirement income’ section of your statement summary. Your projected annual income in retirement, not including Age Pension, is highlighted at the top. Below this is an icon and link to our Retirement planning calculator. The estimate also includes information on what is considered a comfortable single retirement income, based on research by the Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia. At the bottom of the section is a link to our Contributions calculator, to help you understand the impact additional contributions could make.

We’re working to make sure our online information and services are accessible to all our members, so our statement summaries – and these enhancements – have been designed to meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 level AA criteria.

Your feedback is always welcome

We’ll be organising another member survey later this year to find out what you think about these changes to your statement summary. We also encourage you to contact us to share your feedback at any time.

How to receive an online statement summary

If you weren’t registered for electronic statements before 30 June 2020, you’ll receive a printed statement in the mail as usual – but you won’t receive an online statement summary.

To register for an eStatement and online statement summary for next year, you can either:

  • Log into Member Online and go to the ‘Personal details’ page and update your email and communication preferences
  • Call us on 13 43 72 between 7.30am - 5.30pm (AWST), Monday to Friday

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