Benefit payments in Gold State Super

Gold State Super members can access their benefit from when they turn 551 and are no longer working for the WA public sector, as long as certain circumstances are met. If they are still working, they need to be working less than 10 hours per week or about to start a Transition to Retirement Pension to access their benefit.

There may be other circumstances where members are able to access their benefit if under age 55. If eligible, a discount factor will apply. In this case, the Contributory Service Component of a member's benefit is subject to a discount factor of 1.75% p.a. for every year they are under age 55.

To find out more read the Gold State Super essentials brochure. Or, find out about transition to retirement strategies available to Gold State Super members.

1 From 1 July 2015, the preservation age will progressively increase for individuals born on or after 1 July 1960. Gold State Super members are still able to access their benefit from age 55, if they have ceased working in the WA public sector, or are working less than 10 hours a week. However, there may be tax implications for accessing your Gold State Super benefit before your preservation age, so you should speak to your financial adviser before taking action.

Page last updated 31 December 2020