RI Term Allocated Pension - making an investment choice

To help you decide on your investment plan we recommend you review the RI Term Allocated Pension Readymade and Mix Your plans available to you and seek financial advice if you need it.

There are three ways to invest:

1. You can choose one Readymade investment plan to apply to your whole account

There are four Readymade investment plans, with different levels of risk and return, to choose from.

2. You can choose to invest some of your money in the Cash plan and the remainder in another Readymade plan

If you choose this option you can opt to have your pension drawn from the two Readymade investment plans in a certain order - for example, the Cash plan first. Or you can choose a percentage of your pension payment to be drawn from each investment plan. If there are insufficient funds in the investment plan you specified, then the remainder of the pension payment will be paid from your other investment plan.

Over time, the amount of money in each investment plan will reduce as regular pension payments are paid. Occasionally, you may wish to review the amounts in your investment plans and switch money between them.

3. You can select Mix Your plan and choose your own mix of asset classes

If you select the Mix Your plan option, you can choose the order or the percentage of drawdown from each of the chosen asset classes from which your pension is paid. If you wish to maintain the percentage that you've selected, you'll need to ensure you have sufficient funds invested in your selected asset classes.

To maintain this, you may need to perform an investment switch from time to time, as we do not rebalance investment holdings in member accounts. If you have insufficient funds in the asset classes from which you're drawing your pension, the remaining pension payment will be redistributed across your holdings in other asset classes.

Default investment option

If you have not chosen an investment plan, your pension has been automatically invested in the Balanced plan.

You can select your investment plan by completing the Investment choice form, RI Term Allocated Pension.

You can switch your investment plan at any stage. There's no fee and it's a simple process - just choose one of the three options above. You'll receive confirmation each time you change your investment plan.

Page last updated 30 June 2017