As a GESB member, you may already have insurance through your super. We offer different types of cover, depending on which account you have with us.

GESB Super and West State Super

If you’re a GESB Super or West State Super member, you might be covered for:

  • Death
  • Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD)
  • Salary Continuance Insurance (SCI)

If you’re eligible, you automatically receive what’s known as basic cover, unless you’ve chosen to opt out or have cancelled your cover. The cost of this insurance is deducted directly from your account each month.

With GESB Super or West State Super insurance, you could also lower your premiums, if you're eligible for our Professional and Executive category.

Find out more about GESB Super insurance.

Find out more about West State Super insurance.

Gold State Super

If you’re a Gold State Super member, you receive automatic insurance cover at no extra cost.

For as long as you’re making contributions, and until you turn 60, you’re covered for:

  • Death
  • Total and permanent disability
  • Partial and permanent disability

Find out more about Gold State Super insurance.

You can benefit from insurance through super

By having your insurance within your super account, you can benefit in one or more ways:

  • You don’t need to have a medical test or provide your medical history, if you’re eligible for automatic insurance through GESB Super or West State Super
  • Insurance premiums are paid from your GESB Super or West State Super account
  • If you’re a GESB Super member, you get a 15% rebate for your insurance premiums, which we reimburse to you annually or when you leave the scheme, because they’re tax deductible
  • If you’re a West State Super member, insurance premiums are deducted against your pre-tax contributions and earnings first. This means that the untaxed part of your benefit is reduced which may mean less tax is paid when you take your final benefit
  • If you’re a Gold State Super member, there’s no extra cost for your insurance
  • Cover is available for hazardous occupations, e.g. police and prison officers
  • It’s also important to note that there are limits to the amount of cover we provide, and that tax may apply to any insurance benefits paid.

Remember to check your insurance

It's important to review your insurance regularly to make sure it’s right for you, especially when your circumstances change.

Our Insurer, AIA Australia, has a needs analysis calculator to help you work out how much cover you need and to get a quote. You can also apply for cover through Member Online.

With your insurance through GESB Super or West State Super, you have the option to:

  • Opt out of your cover
    You can opt-out of part or all of your cover in Member Online. Please remember that if you’d like to reinstate or increase your insurance cover in the future, you’ll need to apply and meet eligibility criteria.

To find out which super account you have with us, you can:

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Page last updated 23 May 2018