GESB Super

GESB Super is a taxed super scheme with a range of investment plans and fees below the industry median1. If you join the WA public sector, your employer will make contributions to a new GESB Super account for you, unless you have another GESB account or have asked your employer to make contributions to another super fund. Only WA public sector employers can make employer contributions to your GESB Super account.

New members welcome

GESB Super is open to all current WA public sector employees.

Your insurance

If you’re eligible, your GESB Super account includes automatic Death and Total & Permanent Disablement and Salary Continuance Insurance. You can even adjust your insurance to better suit your needs.

Investment plan

Choose the type of assets your super is invested in through your investment plan or stay with our default My GESB Super plan.

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  • Overview

    GESB Super is a market-linked taxed accumulation super scheme. Here’s a breakdown of what that means:

    • Market linked - we invest your super into a range of financial assets such as Shares and Bonds. The balance of your super depends on the performance of these assets, along with any contributions, withdrawals or deductions from your account.
    • Taxed - tax is deducted from certain types of contributions (known as concessional contributions) and investment earnings while your money is accumulating. Most super schemes in Australia are taxed.
    • Accumulation - your account balance grows over time with a combination of:
      • Your WA public sector employer contributions
      • Your own contributions
      • Any super that you roll in from other funds
      • Any investment earnings (positive or negative) on these contributions based on your chosen investment plan

    GESB Super has been open since 16 April 2007 and is the current default fund for WA public sector employers. This means that if you join the WA public sector, you’ll have a GESB Super account opened for you unless you choose another super fund.

    Make the most of our tools, services and expertise

    If you'd like to learn more and make informed decisions about how to manage your super and retirement savings, we can help. As a GESB member, you have access to:

    We're the largest WA-based super provider with $24 billion in funds under management (as at 30 April 2017) for current and former WA public sector employees. We’ve been supporting members for over 75 years, offering super and retirement products, access to insurance as well as financial information and educational resources.

    1 SuperRatings Smart database as at 31 March 2016. Based on an average balance of $50,000, GESB Super and West State Super's fees are below the industry median.

  • GESB Super investment options

    We invest your super across a range of different asset classes to give you the best chance to grow your super. You can have your super automatically invested in the My GESB Super plan - or you can choose your investment plan. This means you can:

    • Choose the asset classes your super is invested in, from Shares to Cash investments.
    • Choose how much of your super is allocated between the asset classes.
    • Change your investment plan to suit your retirement savings goals.

    Your super might be one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. The investment plan you choose now can make a difference to the amount of income you’ll have when you retire. You might want to speak with a financial adviser before making a decision about your investment plan.

    Different assets can create different returns

    GESB Super offers you the choice of a number of investment plans. These plans invest in different assets, with the returns linked to the performance of the financial markets.

    You can choose to invest in a range of different asset class allocations through our Readymade plans or create your own combination of specific asset classes with Mix Your plan.

    You can choose a Readymade plan

    There are five Readymade plans with different levels of risk and return expectations.

    GESB Super Readymade plans risk levels

    Investment plan

    Expected risk/return profiles

    Growth plan

    High risk and return

    My GESB Super plan

    High risk and return

    Balanced plan

    Medium to high risk and medium return

    Conservative plan

    Medium risk and low return

    Cash plan

    Very low risk and low return

    For more details, please see investment options - GESB Super.

    You can choose to Mix Your plan

    There are five Mix Your plan options which allow you to select your own mix of asset classes. Find out more about how Mix Your plan works.

    GESB Super Mix Your plans risk levels

    Investment plan

    Expected risk/return profiles

    Australian Shares

    Very high risk and high return

    International Shares

    High risk and return


    Very high risk and high return

    Fixed Interest2

    Medium risk and low return


    Very low risk and low return

    For more details, please see investment options - GESB Super.

    Find out more about choosing the right investment mix for you.

  • GESB Super insurance

    We offer three types of insurance with your GESB Super:

    • Death
    • Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD)
    • Salary Continuance Insurance (SCI)

    If you’re eligible, you’ll automatically receive what’s known as basic cover, unless you have chosen to opt out or have cancelled your cover. The cost of this insurance is deducted directly from your GESB Super account each month.

    In general terms, to be eligible for automatic cover you need to be working in the WA public sector, receiving Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contributions from your employer and be younger than 65. If you’re 65 or over, you are only eligible for Death cover, until you turn 70.

    From 1 July 2010, if you are employed on a casual basis you are not eligible for automatic basic cover but you can opt in for basic cover

    GESB Super insurance cover

    Insurance type

    Insurance benefit

    Basic cover


    A one-off lump-sum payment in the event of your death (and includes a terminal illness benefit)

    Basic cover of up to $200,000 depending on your age

    Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD)

    A one-off lump-sum payment if you are totally and permanently disabled and can’t work because of that condition

    Basic cover of up to $200,000 depending on your age

    Salary Continuance Insurance (SCI)

    A monthly income of up to 75% of your pre-disability income for up to two years if you become disabled due to sickness or injury. You may also be entitled to a superannuation Top-Up Benefit

    Up to $4,200 per month determined by the number of hours per week that you work

    When you turn 46, the amount you are insured for Death and TPD will decrease each year unless you fix your cover.

    Remember to check your insurance

    It's important to review your insurance as your circumstances change over time. This means you can check that you’re only spending your retirement savings on premiums for insurance that you actually need. You might decide that you don’t need insurance, or that a reduced amount of cover would be enough. You can also apply to increase your cover to suit your needs.

    Are you eligible to join our Professional and Executive category?

    If you’re eligible for our Professional and Executive category, you might benefit by paying lower premiums for your insurance. You might be eligible if:

    • You earn at least $100,000 a year, and
    • You’re in an office-based role, and
    • You work as an executive or you are a professional with a relevant qualification or membership

    To find out whether you are eligible and how to apply, please refer to the Professional and Executive occupation category fact sheet.

    1 SuperRatings Smart database as at 31 March 2016. Based on an average balance of $50,000, GESB Super and West State Super's fees are below the industry median.

  • GESB Super fees and other costs

    We may make changes to the fees we charge

    From time to time, we might need to change the fees to make sure the structure and level of fees is appropriate, including any extra costs from government taxes or statutory charges.

    We’ll always let you know about any changes through our website or through your Member Statement. If the change is an increase in fees or charges, we’ll give you at least 30 days’ notice.

    Fees are charged in different ways

    Below is a general guide to the fees and costs for your GESB Super account. Other fees, such as activity fees, fees for personal advice and insurance fees, might be charged, depending on the activity, advice or insurance you choose.

    If you’d like to calculate the effect of fees and costs on your GESB Super account, try ASIC’s superannuation calculator.

    GESB Super fees and other costs

    Type of fee or cost


    How and when paid

    Investment fee


    Not applicable.
    Costs incurred that relate to the investment of assets and that are not otherwise charged as an administration fee or other fee mentioned in this table are deducted from the fund assets before the daily unit price is calculated.

    The investment fee is noted as nil because it is not a separate fee, and is included in the total Indirect Cost Ratio (ICR) shown below.

    Administration fee

    The fee for managing your account

    $66 p.a. ($5.50 per month)  as an account keeping fee


    0.28% p.a. of your monthly account balance

    Not deducted from your account as a fee, but is deducted from investment returns before earnings are applied to your account

    Buy-sell spread

    The fee for transaction costs relating to the purchase and sale of our assets


    Not applicable

    Switching fee

    The fee for changing your investment option


    Not applicable

    Exit fee

    The fee for making a withdrawal


    Deducted from your account for each full or partial withdrawal from your account.

    This includes when your benefit is transferred to another product or fund, or the processing of an application to split your contributions with your spouse or release money to the ATO.

    Advice fees

    Advice fees relating to all members investing in GESB Super


    Not applicable

    Indirect Cost Ratio (ICR)2

    The ICR includes all costs that are not deducted directly from your account.

    These include all investment costs related to managing the investments in the investment plan you have chosen.

    Estimated to be between 0.05% p.a. and 0.42% p.a. of the value of your investment depending on which investment plan you choose3

    Not deducted from your account as a fee, but is deducted from investment returns before earnings are applied to your account

    1 SuperRatings Smart database as at 31 March 2016. Based on an average balance of $50,000, GESB Super and West State Super's fees are below the industry median.
    2 The Indirect Cost Ratio (ICR) includes all of the investment costs and any additional underlying costs relating to your investment. It is an annual percentage fee which covers the cost of managing the fund's investments including a proportion allocated to risk reserves. GESB Super's ICR is not fixed, and is reviewed periodically and adjusted to take into account prevailing investment expenses. The actual ICR can only be determined at the end of each financial year.
    3 The Indirect Cost Ratios for GESB Super's other investment plans are different. They vary depending on the asset allocation and complexity of the plan. Please refer to the fees tab for each individual investment plan.

  • GESB Super and tax

    GESB Super is a taxed scheme.

    This means that like most other Australian super funds, tax is deducted from certain types of contributions (known as concessional or before-tax contributions) and from investment earnings, while your money is accumulating (or ‘building up’ over time).

    Tax applies in different ways to different types of contributions

    While the Commonwealth government provides special tax rates to help you use your super to save for retirement, there are some limits, known as caps. Here’s a guide to how tax applies to your GESB Super contributions.

    GESB Super tax treatment

    Contribution type

    General treatment

    Contribution caps2 for 2016/17 financial year

    Concessional contributions (before-tax)

    • Employer contributions, such   as Superannuation Guarantee (SG) and salary sacrifice
    • Personal contributions   which you claim as a tax deduction

    Taxed at 15% when the contribution is made, up to your concessional contributions cap.

    If your annual income and low tax contributions are more than $300,000 then you may be liable for Division 293 tax.

    Your concessional contributions cap is:

    • $30,000 p.a.3 or
    • If you’re aged 49 years or   over on the last day of the previous financial year, then your cap is $35,000 p.a.4

    If you make contributions to super over your cap, then you may have to pay extra tax.

    Non-concessional contributions (after-tax)

    • Personal contributions you don’t claim as a tax deduction (i.e. from your after-tax salary)
    • Spouse contributions

    No tax applies up to your non-concessional contributions cap.

    Your non-concessional contributions cap is:

    • $180,0005 p.a. or
    • If you’re under 65, you   can bring forward two years of contributions i.e. $180,000 plus $360,000, giving you a cap of $540,000 over three years6

    If you make contributions to super over your cap then you may have to pay extra tax.

    Other contributions

    • Rollovers containing an untaxed element
    • Government co-contributions
    • The untaxed element is taxed at 15% at the time the rollover is made.
    • No tax applies

    Not applicable.

    Tax also applies to investment earnings

    Taxed schemes, like GESB Super, need to pay tax on any money your super earns while it’s invested. The tax will generally be applied at a maximum rate of 15% and will be reflected in the unit price of each investment plan for GESB Super.

    Factor tax into your retirement planning

    If you’re planning for your retirement and considering taking your super out as a lump sum or transferring it into an allocated pension, you need to be aware of the tax that applies in those scenarios. Find out more about which tax applies on benefits.

    Do we have your tax file number?

    If you don’t provide us with your tax file number (TFN), you might need to pay more tax on your super than is necessary and we may not be able to accept some of your contributions. This will also affect your eligibility for the Super Co-contribution.

    You can lodge your TFN using Member Online, by completing a tax file number form or by calling your Member Services Centre on 13 43 72.

    1 SuperRatings Smart database as at 31 March 2016. Based on an average balance of $50,000, GESB Super and West State Super's fees are below the industry median.
    2 Contributions caps are applied per person, not per fund, which means contributions made to other funds are generally included in the caps.
    3 For the 2016/17 financial year. The concessional contributions cap is indexed annually in line with Average Weekly Ordinary Time Earnings in increments of $5,000 rounded down.
    4 This temporary higher cap is not indexed and will cease when the general concessional contributions cap is indexed to $35,000.
    5 For the 2016/17 financial year. This cap is equal to six times the general concessional contributions cap (which is currently $30,000).
    6 Where the bring-forward rule has been triggered, the two future years' entitlements are not indexed. For example, if you triggered the bring-forward rule on 15 March 2014 (when the non-concessional contributions cap was $150,000), your total cap for the three years will be $450,000, even though the non-concessional contributions cap changed to $180,000 on 1 July 2014.

  • Important documents

    To make the most of your retirement savings, it’s worth learning as much as you can about your GESB Super account including the tax considerations, insurance and investment plans available.

    Read the Product Information Booklet

    GESB Super Product Information Booklet

    Learn more about your super

    Download and print forms

    You can use Member Online to complete some of these tasks – but here are the printable versions for you to download if that’s more convenient for you.

    Making contributions to super

    Changing your investment plan


    Other forms

    You can also update your contact details and add your tax file number using Member Online.

    Access your super

    If you’d like to access your super, you’ll need to complete a Benefit access form. The type of form you need depends on your individual circumstances, so please contact your Member Services Centre on 13 43 72 and we’ll send you the form you need.

    Download fact sheets

    Making contributions to super


    Preparing for retirement


    1 SuperRatings Smart database as at 31 March 2016. Based on an average balance of $50,000, GESB Super and West State Super's fees are below the industry median.

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