Our GESB Super new member checklist

Welcome to GESB. We’re here to help you make the most of your account and understand your insurance options.

If your employer provided us with a valid email address for you, we'll send you an introductory email with some general information about being a GESB member.

If you didn’t receive an email, you can find out more about who we are on our website.

You can also learn more about your account with us by reading the GESB Super Product Information Booklet.

Now, here’s our GESB Super new member checklist to help you take action and avoid missing any important deadlines.

1. Check your insurance cover

Here's why

Your new super account may automatically include insurance, with premiums deducted from your account monthly. Your insurance cover could help you or your family if something was to happen to you, such as serious illness, disability or death.

Your welcome letter shows your current insurance details, or you can find them in Member Online once you've registered.

If you do have automatic insurance, you can decide to opt out, reduce or increase the amount of your insurance cover any time. If you want to opt out or decrease your cover, we’ll make sure the changes apply from the start of your cover and refund or reduce any premiums already charged, if you let us know within 20 days of the date of your welcome letter.

If you don’t have automatic insurance with your account, you can still apply for cover. If you're a casual employee and you're eligible for insurance, we’ll need to receive your application within 90 days of receiving your first Superannuation Guarantee (SG) contribution from your new employer. Otherwise, you’ll need to complete a full insurance application which may include a medical assessment.

You can read our Key Facts Sheet for a quick guide to the types of default insurance we provide, and how they could benefit you.

Your next step

  • Read your welcome letter and insurance flyer, or register or log into Member Online for your insurance details. Please check that all of your details and cover are correct. You can make any changes in the 'Insurance' page in Member Online, or call us on 13 43 72 for a copy of the relevant form.
  • If you’re a casual employee and would like to apply for insurance, please complete our Insurance opt in for casual employees form and return it within 90 days of the date of your first employer SG contribution.
  • If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of insurance before you decide, read our Insurance and your super brochure.

2. Register for Member Online

Here's why

Member Online is our secure online service where you can check and manage your super account at any time. It’s easy to register - and then you can easily:

  • Check your insurance if you have cover
  • Keep your email address and personal details up to date
  • Manage your communication preferences
  • Provide your tax file number if you haven’t already
  • Change how your super is invested - and much more

Your next step

  • Register now – you’ll need your member number which you can find on your welcome letter.

Register now

3. Check we have your email address

Here’s why

If we have your email address, we’ll send you an introductory email before your welcome letter arrives in the mail. We’ll provide your member statements and other important information about your account electronically, unless you decide to change your communication preferences.

If you haven’t heard from us by email, we may not have your email address – or we don’t have the correct one. If you would like to receive emails from us, including information about your member statements, simply call us or update your details through Member Online.

Your next step

  • To check and update your email address and other contact details, you can either log into Member Online and select the ‘Personal details’ tab, or call us on 13 43 72.
  • You can also use these options to change your communication preferences (and opt out of electronic communications) at any time.

4. Provide us with your tax file number

Here's why

If we don’t have your tax file number, you might pay more tax on your super than you need to - and we may not be able to accept some of your contributions.

Your next step

Join our webinar and learn more about your GESB Super

We’re here to help you learn more about your super, including how to grow your balance and how to combine your super if you have other accounts.

Once you’ve completed our checklist for new members, you might like to register for our next 30-minute Set up your future with GESB Super webinar. You’ll learn how you can:

  • Grow your super by making extra contributions such as salary sacrifice, minimising the fees you pay, and combining your accounts
  • Understand your investment options and what risk means for your super
  • Protect your lifestyle with insurance in super
Set up your future with GESB Super webinar
Tuesday, 7 September 20219am - 9.30am        

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Learn more about your GESB Super

You’ll also find a range of useful information about your new account on this website. You might be interested in:

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