You can use our range of calculators to help you take control of your super and plan for your retirement.

Please note: the calculators are provided for illustrative purposes only to show how different factors can affect the value of super benefits. They are designed as stand-alone tools and should not be used to compare our taxed and untaxed funds. Different assumptions are used in each calculator to reflect the differences between the funds, particularly in respect of when tax is paid on contributions and earnings. We recommend that you consult a suitably qualified adviser before making any decisions.

Growing your super

How much will I have/need calculator

Work out how much super you'll have by the time you retire and how long it will last. This calculator allows you to adjust variables, such as your retirement age and amount of contributions. You can also see the impact of the adjustments on your final super balance and how long it will last.

Please note: this calculator uses 2017/18 financial year rates, including contribution limits and tax rates. A new version will be available soon.

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Gold State Super benefit calculator

If you have a Gold State Super account, you can use this calculator to see how your defined benefit will grow. You can also adjust variables such as your retirement age and final salary to see how simple changes can affect your benefit.

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Gold State Super benefit calculator

Co-contribution calculator

Find out whether you're entitled to receive a co-contribution payment from the Commonwealth Government. If you are, this calculator gives you an idea of the maximum payment you could expect.

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Investment personality quiz

Discover what kind of investor you are based on your investment timeframe, expected returns and how comfortable you are with different levels of risk.

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LIFEapp insurance calculator

Our Insurer AIA Australia provides the LIFEapp tool, which will help you determine how much insurance you need. You can request a quote or apply online if you're registered for Member Online.

Note: selecting this option will direct you to the website of our group insurer AIA Australia.

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Approaching retirement

Transition to retirement quiz

This quiz will help you work out if transition to retirement, a strategy that allows you to access your super as an income stream while you’re still working, might be right for you.

With transition to retirement, you may be able to increase your income, grow your super or reduce your working hours without reducing your income.

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