Choice of Super

Your super, your choice

If you’re like most WA public sector employees, you currently have your 10% employer super contributions automatically paid into the super account you hold with us.

In 2012, the WA State Government introduced an initiative known as Choice of Super, which means you can choose another fund for these contributions. At GESB, we support this initiative and encourage you to learn as much as you can about your super. This will help you make the right choice for your situation and retirement goals.

Stay with us or choose another fund

If your employer contributions are being paid into your West State Super or GESB Super account, you can:

  • Continue to have your contributions paid to us
    You don’t need to do anything and your contributions will continue as usual.
  • Choose another fund
    First, make sure that you understand what will happen after you change funds, especially if your account is a West State Super or Gold State Super account. You’ll then need to complete the Standard choice form and provide a copy to your employer. You’ll also need to provide a letter from your new fund to confirm it is a complying fund and will accept contributions from your employer.

Not sure what type of account you have? Check Member Online, look at your statement or call us on 13 43 72.

Gold State Super members

If you have a Gold State Super account, you would need to withdraw permanently to have your 10% employer contributions paid to another fund. Before withdrawing from Gold State Super, we recommend you read the Gold State Super essentials brochure and fact sheets, contact us and seek independent financial advice. This is a unique type of super account and you can’t re-join if you change your mind after permanently withdrawing from Gold State Super.

Factors to consider when choosing a super fund

Australia's financial industry regulator, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), provides key features to look for in a super fund. They recommend you ask about the following elements for any super fund you consider:

  • Fees and charges - and how these are paid
  • Whether insurance cover is included
  • Your investment options and strategies
  • The fund’s track record and any extra services

As one of our members, you can enjoy below-median fees1, convenient insurance cover, a choice of investment plans and much more.

Make the most of our tools, services and expertise

If you'd like to learn more and make informed decisions about how to manage your super and retirement savings, we can help. As a GESB member, you have access to:

At GESB, we have over 80 years’ experience managing the super savings of current and former WA public sector employees.

With currently around 240,000 members and over $33 billion in funds under management (as at 31 March 2021), we're the largest super fund in WA and one of the largest in Australia*.

It's important to understand the consequences of changing your super

Before you decide to change your super fund, you need to understand the unique benefits available to West State Super and Gold State Super members – and the consequences, including the tax implications, of changing your account.

If you decide to transfer your super to another fund, your decision may be irreversible. Please read:

We strongly recommend you seek financial advice to suit your personal circumstances before making a decision.

1 SuperRatings Smart database as at 31 December 2020. Based on an average balance of $50,000, GESB Super and West State Super's fees are below the industry median.
* Research Solutions, Member and employer satisfaction research, 2020 and SuperRatings 2021 Annual Benchmarking Report.

Page last updated 01 July 2021