How to make further spouse contributions

If you have not made a spouse contribution before, then you will need to complete the spouse contribution - first contribution form

Once you’ve made your first spouse contribution, the process for adding money to your partner’s super account becomes easier. Here are the steps you need to take.

1. Learn about spouse contributions.

Check that making spouse contributions is the right option for you by reading:

2. Download the form

First, click this link to download an additional spouse contributions form. You will need to print out the form as you cannot type directly into the form.

The form has four sections.

3. Provide your personal details

If you are making the contribution, you are the contributing spouse. If the contribution is made on your behalf, you are the receiving spouse.

Additional spouse contributions form - receiving spouse's details

These details include your name, date of birth, email address and daytime phone number. First you add the details of the spouse who you are contributing for and then provide your own details. You’ll need to include the member number of your spouse’s GESB account. You’ll notice that we ask for more contact details about your spouse, as this relates to the account the money goes into.

Additional spouse contributions form - contributing spouse's details

4. Enter the amount you’d like to contribute

Write the amount you’d like to contribute to your spouse’s account. You can only make this contribution by cheque or money order as you have to sign an acknowledgement.

Additional spouse contributions form - contribution details

This form is for additional contributions only. For the first contribution you need to complete spouse contribution - first contribution form.

5. Read the acknowledgement and sign the declaration

Additional spouse contributions form - declaration

You can only receive contributions to your super when you are under the age of 65 or, if you are between 65 and 70, you must have worked at least 40 hours in a period of 30 days in the current financial year, or if you are exempt from the work test.

When you sign the form, you’ll need to acknowledge that you live permanently together on a bona fide domestic basis as a married couple or de facto partners.

You need to also understand how your super is invested and the rules that apply to your spouse’s account.

Your spouse who is receiving the contribution signs first, followed by your signature as the spouse making the contribution.

6. Send the form in

Now that you’ve completed and signed the form, you need to send it with your cheque or money order, made payable to GESB, to:

PO Box J 755
Perth WA 6842

Australia Post can take up to six business days to deliver regular mail. You will need to take this into account when submitting contributions to us, especially when you need to meet a processing deadline.

Page last updated 02 July 2019