How can I make a contribution (BPAY, cheque, employer)?

If you have a GESB Super or West State Super account, you can contribute money into this account through Member Online.

Click the 'accounts & transactions' tab located on the menu bar, then click the 'make a contribution' link underneath.

There are three ways you can make an after-tax personal contribution to your super:

1. BPAY®
2. Through your employer
3. Cheque or money order

Make a contribution link and payment options

Screenshot of the location of the make a contribution page in the navigation


You can use BPAY for contributing $20 or more from your cheque, savings or transactional bank account. You can't make BPAY contributions from your credit card account.

Click the 'BPAY' button. The page will update to show you your unique BPAY biller code and reference number.

Write these numbers down, or print the page.

How to make a BPAY contribution

Screenshot of location of BPAY radio button and BPAY information

Next, go to your own bank's website to make the BPAY payment using the biller code and reference number.

You can find your bank's website via the 'submit your payment online at' drop down box.

Otherwise, go to your bank's website the way you usually would.

Select your bank's website from the drop down box

Screenshot of financial institution dropdown menu location

Please note: we are required to send you a confirmation letter every time you make a contribution using BPAY.

Have we got your tax file number (TFN)?

Please note: you can't make a BPAY payment without your TFN. To give us your TFN, please click on the Add your TFN button, which will take you to the personal details page.

Once you have added your TFN, go back to the 'make a contribution' page and continue to make your BPAY contribution.

Alternatively, you can make a cheque or money order contribution, or contribute through your employer.

2. Through your employer

You can make contributions to your super account through your employer. You can choose to make a before-tax (concessional) contribution, or make an after-tax (non-concessional) contribution.

Click the 'pay through your employer' button.

How to make a contribution through your employer

Screenshot showing the location of the contributing through your employer option

The page will update to show your payment through employer information.

Then, click the link to access our online Payroll deduction form or download our PDF Payroll deduction form. You will need to print out the PDF form as you cannot type directly into it.

Complete the payroll deduction form

Screenshot showing you the information about making a contribution to your super through your employer

Print the form and fill in your details.

Finally, take the completed form to your employer's payroll department for processing.

3. Cheque / money order

To make contributions by cheque or money order, click the 'cheque/money order' radio button. The page will update to show your cheque and money order information.

How to make a cheque/money order contribution

Screenshot showing the location of the cheque or money order option

Next, click on the link to the 'Super contributions form' to download the form (this will open the form in a new browser window).

Download the Super contributions form

Screenshot showing the information about making a contribution by cheque or money order

Print the form and enter your details.

Then, post the completed form with your cheque or money order to the address on the page.

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Page last updated 07 May 2020