How to join our Professional and Executive occupation category

If you’re a GESB Super or West State Super member with insurance cover, you might be eligible to join our Professional and Executive occupation category. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you could keep your current level of cover but reduce the premiums you pay. There are two ways you can apply:

This page will help you with filling out the paper-based application form.

1. Understand the Professionals and Executive occupation category insurance cover

If you’re eligible, you'll save on your premiums

The premium rates in the Professional and Executive occupation category will be lower than the premium rates you’re currently paying.

The discounts that apply to the premium rates are:

Premium discounts

Type of cover

Discount to White Collar 
premium rates

Death and Total & Permanent
Disablement (TPD)


Salary Continuance Insurance (SCI)


If you apply, your cover will automatically be fixed

If you join the Professional and Executive occupation category, the value of your Death and/or TPD cover will be fixed automatically unless you choose to change it again in the future. When you turn 61, the amount of TPD cover you are entitled to will reduce annually until you’re no longer covered when you turn 65.

You’ll need to disclose any information that could affect your application

Before you become covered by our Insurer, AIA Australia you need to report anything that you know, or could reasonably be expected to know, which could affect the Insurer’s decision to insure you and on what terms. You also need to do this before you extend, vary or reinstate your insurance cover.

There are consequences for not telling the Insurer something they should have known.

2. Check if you’re eligible

You can apply for our Professional and Executive occupation category if you meet ALL of these criteria:

  • You earn a gross income of at least $100,000 a year1
  • You work in an office environment and sedentary capacity2 no less than 80% of the time (excluding travel time from office to office)
  • You meet either the Professional or Executive definition below:
Occupation definitions

Professional definition

Executive definition

You hold a tertiary qualification or are a member of a professional institute or body approved by the Insurer3

You're part of your employer's executive management4 team

If you work part time, you're still eligible to apply for the Professional and Executive occupation category if your pro-rata income is $100,000 p.a. or more and you work at least 0.6 Full Time Equivalent (FTE). For example, if you work 3 days a week and earn $63,000 p.a., your full-time equivalent would be $105,000 p.a., which is more than the $100,000 minimum amount.

3. Download the form

First, click this link to download a Professional and Executive occupation category application form. You will need to print out the form on page 3 and 4 as you cannot type directly into the form.

The form has three sections.

4. Provide your personal details

These details include your member number, name, date of birth, and your preferred contact details.

Professional and Executive occupation category insurance application personal details

5. Confirm your eligibility

Tick the box for ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to confirm which of the eligibility criteria apply to you. If you are a Specialist Medical Practitioner, General Medical Practitioner, Legal Professional, Solicitor, Dental Practitioner, Legislator, Judicial and Other Legal Professional, Pharmacist or School Principal your work environment can still be included in the office environment definition in question 1.

In question 4 you will need to tick ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ as well as the relevant category that applies to you. You will only need to meet one of these categories.

Professional and Executive occupation category insurance application eligibility

6. Read and sign the declaration

When you sign the form, you’ll need to acknowledge that you understand your duty of disclosure and the consequences of non-disclosure. All of this information is included in the Insurance and your super brochure. The brochure serves as general information only and does not contain financial advice.

The change in occupation category will only take effect when your application is accepted by our Insurer.

Professional and Executive occupation category insurance application declaration

7. Send the form in

Now that you’ve completed and signed the form, you need to send it to:

Reply Paid
PO Box J 755
Perth WA 6842

Australia Post can take up to six business days to deliver regular mail. Please take this into account when submitting forms to us.

1 If you are working at least 0.6 FTE (Full-Time Equivalent) and earn an equivalent full-time salary of $100,000 p.a. or more, you meet the salary criteria.
2 The Insurer has provided special approval for the following occupations as meeting the requirements for working in an office environment and sedentary capacity, even though they appear to be non office-based roles: Specialist Medical Practitioners, General Medical Practitioners, Legal Professionals, Solicitors, Dental Practitioners, Legislators, Judicial and Other Legal Professionals, Pharmacists and School Principals. (Note: Nurses and School Teachers do not meet the requirement of working in an office environment and sedentary capacity).
3 The Insurer has approved a set number of professional institutes and bodies. If you do not hold a tertiary qualification or work in an executive management position and are unsure if your professional institute or body qualifies, contact your Member Services Centre on 13 43 72.
4 You are considered part of the executive management team if you are the Chief Executive Officer or similar position, or report directly to the Chief Executive Officer, or are employed in the Senior Executive Service, or are a Member of Parliament.

Page last updated 04 June 2019