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Learn more about your super

Our seminars and webinars are designed to help you grow your super and prepare for retirement.

The more you learn about your super, the more empowered you’ll be to understand your investments, build your retirement savings and make informed decisions about your future.

We aim to explain topics in a clear and simple way, and you can ask questions at the end of each session.

There are two ways you can learn:

  • Attend one of our face-to-face seminars held in the city and at other key locations across Perth
  • Join an online webinar, where you can watch and listen to the presentation in real time from your computer or mobile device

To book your spot now, simply choose a seminar or webinar from the list below, or search by event date, type or location.

We also run seminars in the workplace. Learn more about our workplace seminars and the topics we cover.

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Upcoming seminars and webinars

  • Seminar
  • Webinar
Topic Name Type Date Time Location Availability
GESB schemesWest State Super, why is it so different? Webinar6 April 20204pm - 4.45pmOnlineRegister now
InvestingInvestment basics Webinar8 April 20204.30pm - 5pmOnlineRegister now
Transition to retirementTransition to retirementWebinar16 April 20208.30am - 9.15amOnlineRegister now
GESB schemesLearning about Gold State SuperWebinar21 April 202012pm - 12.45pmOnlineRegister now
RetirementHow much do I need for retirement?Webinar5 May 20208.30am - 9amOnlineRegister now
Transition to retirementTransition to retirementWebinar11 May 20204pm - 4.45pmOnlineRegister now
Super basicsStart your super journey earlyWebinar13 May 202010am - 10.30amOnlineRegister now
Super basicsAccessing your superWebinar22 May 20209am - 9.45amOnlineRegister now
RetirementBudgeting for retirementWebinar28 May 202010am - 10.30amOnlineRegister now
Women and superWomen and superWebinar3 June 20209am - 9.30amOnlineRegister now
Transition to retirementTransition to retirementWebinar5 June 202012pm - 12.45pmOnlineRegister now
Grow your superSalary sacrificing in super Webinar9 June 202012.30pm - 1pmOnlineRegister now
GESB schemesWest State Super, why is it so different? Webinar11 June 20209am - 9.45amOnlineRegister now
Super basicsAccessing your superWebinar16 June 20204pm - 4.45pmOnlineRegister now
GESB schemesGetting started with GESB SuperWebinar25 June 20204pm - 4.30pmOnlineRegister now