Workplace seminars

To help you understand how to make the most of your super, we have a range of seminars which can be presented at your workplace.

We can also help you through question and answer sessions as part of an Awareness day at your workplace.

Get in touch to organise your workplace seminar

We might already visit your workplace, so check with your HR team to see if there is a seminar schedule available to you.

If there are no workplace seminars in place, your HR department can contact our Key Account Management team to discuss your needs.

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Topic Name Summary
GESB SchemesSet up your future with GESB SuperIf you're one of our new members, this seminar will help you learn about growing your super, your insurance and investment options, and managing your super online.
GESB schemesWest State Super, why is it so different?Learn more about the unique features of your West State Super, and how to make the most of your account.
GESB SchemesLearning about Gold State SuperLearn more about the benefits and features of your Gold State Super, including how your Final Benefit is calculated.
Grow your superSalary sacrificing in superExplore how you can ‘sacrifice’ part of your before-tax salary to your super account, instead of having it paid to you as a salary.
InsuranceInsurance - protecting your lifestyleFind out how you can maintain your lifestyle if you had to stop working because of illness or injury, and how to provide for the people who are most important to you in the future.
InvestingInvestment basicsUnderstand basic investment concepts, such as tax, budgeting and asset classes.
Super basicsMaking sense of superLearn more about your super, to help you make sense of your financial future.
Super basicsBuilding wealth through superUnderstand basic super concepts, to help you maximise opportunities to grow your super.
Super basicsStart your super journey earlyYour retirement may be many years away, but this means you have time to grow your investment and build your retirement savings.
Super basicsAccessing your superLearn about the options available for accessing your super, as you approach your preservation age.
Super basicsUnderstanding super for higher income earnersIf you’re a high-income earner, find out what you can do before you retire to help maintain your lifestyle during retirement.
Super basicsFirst Home Super Saver schemeLearn how the First Home Super Saver (FHSS) scheme works, who is eligible and the benefits of saving in super.
Transition to retirementTransition to retirementFind out how to use a transition to retirement strategy once you've reached your preservation age.
RetirementRetirement planningUnderstand the options available as you approach retirement, to help you plan for a more comfortable retirement.
RetirementAre you on track for retirement?Learn about things to consider when preparing for your retirement, including what you can do to stay on track.
RetirementHow much do I need for retirement?Find answers to the most common questions you might have about planning for your retirement.
RetirementBudgeting for retirementFind out how much you may need, track your costs and make the most of your retirement income.
Women and superWomen and superUnderstand your super and learn how to secure your own financial future.