We've removed our transaction fees

20 December 2018

Whether you’re still building your super or you’ve already retired, the more money that stays in your account, the more your savings can grow. If you’re a Transition to Retirement Pension, RI Allocated Pension or Term Allocated Pension1, GESB Super, or West State Super member, we have great news. The transaction fees for your account have been removed, effective 15 December 2018.

If you’re a Retirement Income Pension member, you’ll still receive regular income payments without being charged an exit fee. Now, you can also make lump-sum withdrawals or roll over to another fund without being charged this fee.

If you’re a Gold State Super or WA Public Sector Pension Scheme member, you’re not charged any fees or other running costs for your account - and this hasn’t changed.

These services and activities now have no transaction fees

While we’ve removed our transaction fees, we still provide these services in the same way as before. Now, we’ll cover the costs of providing them to you, instead of charging a fee.

Transaction fees used to apply for:

  • Full or partial withdrawals from your GESB Super, West State Super or Retirement Income Pension account
  • Family Law payments from or closure of your RI Term Allocated Pension account
  • Opening a new RI Allocated Pension or Transition to Retirement Pension account
  • Transferring your benefit to another product or fund
  • Contribution splitting (when you share some of your contributions to your GESB Super or West State Super account with your spouse)
  • Processing an Australian Taxation Office (ATO) release authority2

From now on, you won’t be charged a fee for these services.

When you use these services, you won’t be charged a fee

Here’s a summary of the transaction fees that previously applied to your account and how they were charged.

Summary of transaction fees
Type of fee or cost Fee for the 2018/19 financial year before 15 December 2018 How this fee used to work Changes effective 15 December 2018

Exit fee - full or partial withdrawals


This fee used to be deducted from your account for:

  • Each full or partial withdrawal from your GESB Super, West State Super or Retirement Income Pension account
    This included when your benefit was transferred to another product or fund, spouse contribution splits, or the processing of an ATO release authority2
  • Family Law payments from or closure of your RI Term Allocated Pension account

This fee has been removed

Activity fee - Family Law fee


This fee used to be deducted from your account when your GESB Super, West State Super, Retirement Income Pension or RI Term Allocated Pension benefit was split or paid in full to your spouse.

This fee has been removed

Establishment fee - Retirement Income Pension


This fee used to be deducted from each new Retirement Income Pension account, once the new account was created.

This fee has been removed

Note: other fees and costs apply. For more information, see the relevant Product Information Booklet.

Any service fee charged to you during the 2018/19 financial year will still appear in your June 2019 member statement and transaction history in Member Online.

Learn more about fees and costs

1 RI Term Allocated Pension is a retirement income product that was closed to new members in 2007.

2 A release authority is a document given by the ATO to an individual or their super fund, which authorises the super fund to refund excess contributions or pay additional tax associated with excess contributions you have made to a super fund. Please visit ato.gov.au for more information.

Page last updated 20 December 2018