Your investment options

We invest your super across a range of different asset classes to give you the best chance to grow your retirement savings. You can have your super automatically invested in the Balanced plan - or you can choose your investment plan. This means you can:

  • Choose the asset classes your super is invested in, from Shares to Cash
  • Choose how much of your money is allocated between the asset classes
  • Change your investment plan to suit your retirement savings goals

Your super might be one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. The investment plan you choose now can make a difference to how much you earn each year and over the term of your pension.

Different assets can create different returns

Your RI Term Allocated Pension offers you a range of investment plans. These plans invest in different assets, with the returns linked to how the financial markets perform.

You can choose to invest in a range of different asset class allocations through our Readymade plans or create your own combination of asset classes with Mix Your plan.

You can choose a Readymade plan

There are four Readymade plans with different levels of risk and return expectations.

RI Term Allocated Pension Readymade plans
Investment plan Investment risk label

Growth plan


Balanced plan

Medium to high

Conservative plan

Low to medium

Cash plan

Very low

For more details, please see Investment options - RI Term Allocated Pension.

You can choose the Cash plan and another Readymade plan

This means some of your money will be invested in the Cash plan and the rest of your money in another Readymade plan. You can have your pension paid from the two plans in a certain order – for example, the Cash plan first. Or you can choose a percentage of your pension payment to be taken from each investment plan. If there are not enough funds in your chosen plan, then the rest of your payment will be taken from your other plan.

The amount of money in each investment plan will reduce as your pension payments are made. From time to time, you might like to review the amounts in your investment plans and transfer money between them.

You can Mix Your plan

There are five Mix Your plan options which allow you to select your own mix of asset classes.

RI Term Allocated Pension Mix Your plan
Investment plan Investment risk label

Australian Shares

Very high

International Shares



Very high

Fixed Interest1



Very low

You can choose the order or the percentage of your pension to be paid from each of your asset classes. To maintain your chosen percentage, you’ll need to check there is enough money invested in your asset classes. If there are not enough funds in one of more of your asset classes, the rest of your payment will be drawn from across your other asset classes.

You may also need to make changes to your Mix Your plan to make sure the percentage held in each asset class remains the same over time. Find out more about How Mix Your plan works.

For more details, please see Investment options - RI Term Allocated Pension.

Need more help with your investment plan?

To change your investment plan, download the Investment choice, RI Term Allocated Pension form.

1 Mix Your plan Fixed Interest invests in Investment Grade Bonds.

Page last updated 01 October 2018