How can I change my investment plan?

To change your investment plan*, click on the 'investments' tab on the Member Online menu bar.

* If you’re a Retirement Income Pension member and you want to change your investment plan, please complete the relevant online form which you can access through Member Online:

Generally, we will process your investment switch within two to three business days after we receive your request. Please note the unit price on the effective date of your investment switch will be applied to the transaction. This may be different to the unit price displayed on the website today. Learn more about unit prices.

Investments tab

Screenshot showing location of investments in menu

Then, click on the 'change plan' button at the bottom of the table.

Change plan button

Screenshot showing the location of the change plan button on the investments overview page

Step 1: select the plan you want to change to

If you want to change to another Readymade plan, select the plan by clicking on the appropriate button, then click 'continue'.

Choosing a Readymade plan

Screenshot showing step 1 in the change plan process where you can choose your new plan

To find out more about the structure and performance of each plan, click on the plan names. This will open the investment plans page on our website in a new window.

If you want to change to a Mix Your plan, select the Mix Your plan radio button. This will open the Mix Your plan investment choice options. Use the sliders to set your investment preference. The total new allocation % needs to add up to 100%.

Choosing Mix Your plan

Screenshot that shows what the page will look like if you choose a Mix Your plan option

You can choose to have GESB automatically rebalance your Mix Your plan investment mix to maintain your desired level of asset allocation. For example, if the Australian Shares component of your super outperforms other asset classes, your asset allocation will increasingly be weighted to Australian Shares. Auto rebalancing ensures the weight allocated to each asset class remains the same over time. You can choose to rebalance your investment mix on a quarterly, half-yearly or yearly basis.

To update the 'rebalance' option, click on the drop down box and select the frequency you want to rebalance at.

If you don't use the automatic rebalance option, we recommend you monitor investment movements yourself, based on your investment choice. Remember to check that your investment mix is on track as the mix you choose could drift as markets fluctuate.

Finally, click 'continue'.

Before making a decision you should read the Investment choice brochure.

Mix Your plan rebalancing

Screenshot showing the options you have for automatic rebalancing your Mix Your plan

Step 2: check the plan you have selected

Then, read and accept the 'member declaration' by clicking in the tick box before clicking 'submit'.

Confirm your plan

Screenshot of step 2 checking the details of your selection in the previous step

Step 3: your receipt

Your request to change your plan will generally be processed within two to three business days after we receive your request. The change can be cancelled at any time on the day you submit your request, but not after this time.

You will need to wait until your current switch has been processed before you can make another switch.

An email will be sent to you confirming the change you have requested.

You can then choose to print the page for your records or click 'back to investments overview'.

Your change of investment plan receipt

Screenshot of step 3 which provides you a receipt for your change plan request

Your confirmation email

Screenshot of the confirmation email you'll receive after you've completed a switch plan in Member Online

To see the status of your requested plan change, visit the 'Investments' page at any time.

Below the table you'll see there's a switch pending and the date the switch was requested.

To see the details of the switch, click the 'view pending switch' button below the table.

View your pending switch

Screenshot of where the link is located to get into the pending switch page

In the Pending switch section, you can see the current investment plan and the future investment plan that you're changing to.

On the day you make the switch, you can cancel the change at any time by clicking the 'cancel' link. From the next day, you are no longer able to cancel the switch as it's already being processed. You will then need to wait until your switch is complete before you can make another switch.

Cancel your pending switch

Screenshot of pending switch page

Page last updated 20 March 2020